Electronics Recycling


Electronics Recycling

Helping the environment is easier than you think.

TCL strives to provide a high level of service to our customers and the communities we serve. We have funded the recycling of over 6 million pounds of electronics in 2017, and recommend consumers always look for a recycling or reuse alternative for electronics. Our ongoing support of the collection and recycling of electronics across the country helps improve communities and neighborhoods by keeping equipment out of landfills.

The United States has been developing state-wide landfill bands that prohibit electronic devices from being thrown away in the trash. In states where there is not a wide-reaching ban, some local municipalities have taken upon themselves to do a community-wide ban while also encouraging the reuse and donation of used electronics devices.


TCL's Green Initiatives Fund Recycling Across America

At TCL, we create innovative televisions with easy-to-use features but we’re equally proud to focus on environmental sustainability, and that’s made us a lot more than America’s fastest growing TV brand. TCL is also America’s fastest growing recycler of electronics.

SMM Electronics Challenge

The Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronics Challenge, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is a program recognizing electronics manufacturers and other organizations for their significant contributions to electronics recycling. Companies recognized in this program use their best efforts to send end-of-life electronics they collect from customers, retailers, and the general public to certified third-party electronics collectors and recyclers. These certifications, including R2 & e-Stewards®, are only awarded to organizations that meet the highest of industry standards.

How to Get Recycling

In most states, consumers can drop-off their televisions at specified locations for recycling free-of-charge. This information should assist you in learning how to recycle your electronic equipment in all 50 states.

Click on the information below to find a recycler in your area. You can also search by state and learn how you can safely and conveniently recycle or reuse your electronics.

Recycling Resources

ALABAMA: To locate a specific division within the Alabama State Government, please visit Alabama.gov.

ALASKA: For more information about recycling, please visit the Alaska Division of Environmental Health Solid Waste Program.

ARIZONA: Additional information about recycling is located at the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

ARKANSAS: Learn more about how to locate electronics recycling sites by visiting the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

CALIFORNIA: For more information on how to recycle your electronics, please visit California’s CalRecycle website, providing consumers with recycling information for a variety of recyclable material. You will be able to enter the county you live in and review a list of organizations and facilities that are authorized to recycle electronics in California.

CONNECTICUT: For information about Connecticut’s electronic waste recycling, including a list of drop-off locations and how to recycle your electronics, please visit the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection.

DELAWARE: For more about electronic waste and recycling, please visit Delaware Solid Waste Authority.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: For information about how to recycle your electronics in the District of Columbia, including drop-off locations and disposal instructions, please visit the District of Columbia's Department of Energy & Environment.

FLORIDA: Details about how to locate a recycling center or drop-off near you can be found at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

GEORGIA: For information on recycling, please visit the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

HAWAII: Information for where to drop off electronics can be found by visiting the MRM Recycling website. Additional information about Hawaii’s electronic device recycling can be located by visiting Hawaii’s Department of Health.

IDAHO: To learn more about electronics recycling, management, and disposal options, please visit the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

ILLINOIS: For a list of registered Illinois residential electronic waste collection sites, please visit the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

INDIANA: Additional information on recycling can be found on Indiana’s Recycle Indiana website.

IOWA: Details about electronic waste recycling can be viewed at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

KANSAS: Information about waste management can be viewed at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

KENTUCKY: For more about electronics recycling, please visit the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection.

LOUISIANA: Details about electronics reuse and recycling is located at the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

MAINE: Where to recycle electronics and other information about Maine’s electronics waste laws can be located by visiting the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

MARYLAND: For more information on Maryland’s recycling resources and community events sponsoring electronics drop offs, please visit the Maryland Department of the Environment.

MASSACHUSETTS: Details about electronics recycling is located at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

MICHIGAN: Residents seeking to recycle their electronics can click on the “Michigan” link to view locations to drop off their equipment. Additional information on Michigan’s recycling activities can be found at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

MINNESOTA: Specific information about electronic waste can be accessed at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

MISSISSIPPI: Electronics recycling information can be viewed at the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

MISSOURI: For more information about recycling requirements and how to recycle your equipment, please visit the Missouri Department of Natural Resources e-cycle Missouri.

MONTANA: For more information, please visit the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

NEBRASKA: Additional information about electronic waste reduction and management can be found at the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

NEVADA: To learn more about how to recycle electronics and other equipment, please visit the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Details about electronic waste can be found at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.

NEW JERSEY: To learn more about electronics recycling, visit the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s E-Cycle New Jersey.

NEW MEXICO: For guidance on how to recycle electronics, please visit the New Mexico Environment Department Solid Waste Bureau.

NEW YORK: Additional guidance for consumers can be located on the New York Department of Environmental Conservation website.

NORTH CAROLINA: For consumer information about television recycling in counties across the state, please visit the North Carolina Division of Waste Management’s Electronics Management Program.

NORTH DAKOTA: Additional information about electronic recycling activities is located at the North Dakota Department of Health Waste Management.

OHIO: Details about electronic waste management can be viewed at the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

OKLAHOMA: For more about Oklahoma’s rules and regulations governing the recycling of electronics, please visit the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.

OREGON: Additional information about Oregon’s recycling opportunities is located at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s Oregon E-Cycles website.

PENNSYLVANIA: Specific manufacturer- and retailer-sponsored locations for electronics drop offs and other collection programs can be viewed at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

RHODE ISLAND: For more about recycling electronic waste, please visit the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Additional information for the state’s recycling activities is located at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

SOUTH DAKOTA: For a list of recyclers, please visit the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

TENNESSEE: Learn more about electronics recycling at the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation website.

TEXAS: Information on recycling opportunities can be found at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

UTAH: Available information on recycling opportunities in Utah can be located by visiting the MRM Recycling website.

VERMONT: Information on Vermont’s electronics recycling program can be located at the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.  A list of convenient electronics drop-off locations can be found on the Vermont DEC E-Cycles website.

VIRGINIA: For more details on electronics drop-off locations and recycling, please visit the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

WASHINGTON: Consumers can locate specific information about recycling their electronics by utilizing the 1-800 Recycle database from Washington’s Department of Ecology.

WEST VIRGINIA: Additional information about electronic waste management can be found at the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board.

WISCONSIN: For additional ways to locate an electronics collection site or to learn more about electronics recycling, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources E-Cycle website.

WYOMING: To learn more about electronics recycling, please visit the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Solid and Hazardous Waste Division.