Our approach to responsible recycling and environmental sustainability.

Our commitment to our customers extends well beyond delivering premium sound and picture performance with endless entertainment and comfort. We also know that reducing the impact electronics can have on the environment is of critical importance. That’s why we are taking comprehensive steps in every area of our operations to make a difference to create a sustainable future.

TCL is one of only a few brands in the world with the resources, experience, and capability to be a fully vertically integrated television manufacturer. This means we don’t outsource the manufacturing of our televisions or its components to other companies like so many brands do today. We have our own supply chain where we control the components we use and what goes into them. We build and operate our own state-of-the-art factories, design and assemble our own televisions, and provide award-winning customer service to stand behind each of our products.


FACT: In 2019, TCL will fund the recycling of 76,700 pounds of electronics every day. That’s like recycling a 32” TCL Roku TV every ten seconds!


We’re building our products in factories that utilize energy saving technologies. We respect the rights of intellectual property owners and ensure that our products and technology partners are fully and properly licensed. We carefully source our materials to ensure workmanship that is of the highest quality, while monitoring our component suppliers to keep materials consistent and conflict mineral-free.

We’ve set ambitious sustainability goals for our packaging, increasing recycled content, reducing package weight and materials, and enhancing the ability for consumers to conveniently recycle leftover packaging. Our electronics recycling efforts are second to none, effectively doubling our commitments year-over-year, while going the extra mile in many states to either significantly exceed our goals or provide consumers with recycling solutions.

At TCL, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to make larger and more significant contributions toward a sustainable future, to help improve communities and neighborhoods by keeping equipment and packaging out of landfills.

Corporate Statement on The Environment

With great resources and capabilities comes great responsibility. We’re proud of our record of environmental stewardship, so much so that we want everyone to read our corporate Statement on The Environmental to see for themselves who we are and what we stand for.

Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling

Minimizing waste is a core concern for our employees and partners. TCL continues to be the Fastest-Growing TV Brand in America, which is why it’s important for us to incorporate reducing, reusing, and recycling, in everyday operations. We help fund recycling programs in more than twenty states that keep a wide variety of electronics products out of landfills.

In many states, consumers can drop-off their televisions, and other products, at specified locations for recycling free-of-charge. In other areas, state and local municipalities provide convenient recycling events and year-round solutions for their residents. This information should assist you in learning how to recycle your TCL television in all 50 states.

We encourage you to learn about free recycling programs offered in your area, and how you can safely and conveniently recycle or reuse your TCL television.

FACT: How important is recycling? U.S. homes were actively using 3.4 billion electronic devices in 2017, up from 2.9 billion in 2010. (Source: CTA)

corporate responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

TCL is committed to improving the lives of our customers and their local communities as well as to the global conservation of the environment. We strive to play an integral role in respecting humanity and nature in all of our business activities and initiatives.

In addition to bringing you innovative products, TCL is dedicated to ensuring that all operations are performed in a responsible manner – we maintain a priority toward respecting the people, the communities we touch, and the environment, to create a sustainable future.

Learn how we aim to accomplish our goals, provide a rewarding workplace, and support partnerships that adhere to the strict standards we place on ourselves.

FACT: Approximately half of US adults removed a consumer electronic device from their household within the past year; among those, four in five donated or recycled it. Do you know where your closest recycling center is? (If not, click here) (Source: CTA)

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

We continually work with our partners to uphold the highest standards when it comes to sustainability – the very same standards we set for ourselves. We also strive to reduce waste and recycle in every facet of our operations, including our packaging.

TCL is determined to reduce the size and footprint of our packaging, setting the bar high for our sustainability goals that call for a tremendous increase in the use of recycled materials and recyclable content over the next few years.


Focus on Safety

TCL offers the unique ability to enjoy your favorite programs by listening to high-quality audio without disturbing others. Our MTRO wireless headphones are a favorite for late-night TV watchers and those sharing a room or college dorm with friends. Additionally, many TCL Roku TVs have a headphone jack built into the remote control, enabling the enjoyment of high-quality audio by connecting with any of TCL’s SOCL, MTRO, ACTV, or ELIT headphones.

When using this feature, TCL always recommends that you enjoy this experience safely, by setting a volume that is at the lowest level possible while still enabling you to hear all of the action and drama.

Always place the remote, any headphones or earbuds, and any batteries out of the reach of children.

When setting up your TCL Roku TV or Sound Bar, be sure to place all components on stable furniture and out of the reach of children, where it is safe from being knocked over by children or household pets. Many consumers choose to mount their TVs onto walls using one of the many certified mounting products available. If you don’t choose to mount your TV onto a wall or other structure, be sure it is not placed near the edge of any furniture where it can be accidentally knocked into or moved.