CES 2019


TCL at CES 2019

TCL is excited to announce new products to enhance its current home theater lineup at the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Technology offerings will be expanded to elevate the entertainment experience of our products even further. These include the first ever 8K TCL Roku TVs and new TV models with microphones built in, offering quick access to entertainment. In addition, our latest introductions will include a first home audio product expansion - the TCL Alto Home Theater Sound Bars.

But that’s not all. At this year’s show we’re also announced expand beyond the home theater with a broad assortment of headphones with exceptional sound. We unveiled a range of headphones, from in-ear to over-the-ear styles, across four distinctive lines for consumers who want to be different (SOCL), be themselves (MTRO), be healthy (ACTV), and be excellent (ELIT) while listening to music.

As America’s fastest-growing TV brand, we continue to be committed to delivering a premium entertainment experience to homes across the nation. At CES, we’ve also committed ourselves to building on that momentum by interacting with consumers in more aspects of their daily life, beyond their living rooms.


Expanding the Award-Winning 6-Series

Responding to demand for the award-winning 6-Series, TCL will offer the newest and largest model in this series with a 75” screen size and up to 160 Contrast Control Zones. This much-anticipated model is now available for pre-order today on BestBuy.com for less than $1800 and will be rolled out to a broad range of retailers in the coming weeks.

In addition, all TCL 5- and 6-Series Roku TVs will receive automatic software updates including Roku OS 9 in the coming months, bringing Spotify support, “Free” Genre Voice Search and compatibility with Dolby Vision HDR on Xbox One X and One S consoles, allowing owners to enjoy the most powerful High Dynamic Range experience in market.

Giannis QLED

Quantum Performance

To enhance its already stunning picture quality, TCL also announced powerful innovation in its highest-performance TVs coming to North America. Mini LED, utilizing Quantum Dot technology, will enable deeper blacks, more color volume resulting in ultra-vibrant colors and excellent-off-angle viewing; Quantum Contrast Technology – powered by mini LED – will deliver up to 300% more contrast control zones; 8K resolution offers more clarity with quadruple the number of pixels available in today’s 4K TVs; and Artificial Intelligence through Voice Assistant Services utilizes an integrated always-on far-field mic array.

Sound Bars

Stunning Sound. Made Simple.

TCL is excited to announce two new lines of sound bars – the Alto 5 with convenient setup and great audio performance for TVs 43” and larger, as well as the Alto 7 with more connectivity and audio performance for TVs 55” and up - in two form-factors for each series.

Available this Spring, both the Alto 5 + and Alto 7 + come equipped with a wireless subwoofer which is the best solution for big-screen home theaters. They are acoustically tuned to reveal the best details whether you are listening to music or enjoying movies. Offering a premium audio experience, specialized sound modes, and available wireless subwoofers, the TCL Alto Sound Bars provide precision playback for any TV as well as music from your smartphones, tablets and laptops.


TCL Headphones

The new TCL headphone lineup promises to bring listeners closer to their music through smart application of design, ergonomics and specialized audio engineering, allowing for a deeper connection to what they’re listening to.

To ensure this immersive experience, TCL honed in on what consumers care about most when it comes to music – an authentic sound experience, meaningful technology innovations and creative designs. We’ve even built an in-house development team to deliver sound innovations. Our headphones were also developed with an award-winning innovation lab in Belgium, iLab, to ensure superior sound and smarter entertainment solutions.

A Closer Look at the Headphone Lineup

TCL’s top-of-the-line ELIT headphones, along with the rest of the line, will be available by Summer. The wired in-ear and earbud headphones will be available February 1, with the other models launching in the months following.



SOCL is designed for consumers who want to have a fun, different and unique style. These headphones take the inspiration of happy moments into its design - sunrises, sunsets, trips to the beach with friends, adventurous nights out - to represent a positive and youthful spirit. Featuring unique transparent housing with a gradient color treatment, they also boast powerful speaker drivers that deliver clear and rich sound details in a compact form. The comfort-fit noise isolating earbud provides instant and long wearing usability so you can listen to music all day and night, in both wired and wireless options.



MTRO is designed for urban consumers who want to be themselves without standing out. A fluid Utilitarian design allows optimal comfort for a headphone that’s more universal in appeal. The audio is captivating through a powerful bass driver with extended low sound frequency and the comfort-fit noise isolating design ensures the bass performance is further enhanced. This line features both in-ear and headband styles in wired and wireless options.



ACTV is designed for sport-users who want to be healthy. Research shows that music motivates better sports performance so ACTV features a great, secure-fit wearing system. The hook design ensures it stays in place so athletes can focus on their movement, not the headphones. Specially designed drivers and earpieces reproduce the deepest bass to give users the power to push further. They are IPX4 rated, made of sweatproof materials and built to last for extensive use. Both wired and wireless options are available.



ELIT is designed for those who always want to upgrade and feel luxury in any form. They are the most premium product in TCL’s headphone portfolio and features certified Hi-Res speakers that reproduce high precision details of the music. The Traveler Edition offers active noise cancellation technology that reduces ambient noises without compromising the sound quality. Together with long battery play time, a fast charging feature and compact foldable design, you can access music wherever you want for as long as you want.