Two Year Limited Warranty

Get peace of mind? Your purchase will be backed by an industry leading 2 Year Limited Warranty. 

Slim Bezel

Enjoy more of the picture and fit the TV into smaller spaces with the elegant slim frame industrial design.

Direct LED

Placment of LEDs directly behind the screen in conjunction with proprietary video processing algorithims provide consistent lighting and low energy consumption.


Placement of LED backlight near the edges of the TV is utilized in conjunction with proprietary video processing algorithims enables consistent color, decreased energy consumption and a thinner cabinet design. 

True Color

TCL True Color provides the latest-generation dimensional sorting and color processing. Advanced proprietary color enhancing technology broadens your TV’s color spectrum through maniupulation of the video stream to intensify the color patterns and deliver true, natural color. 

Full HD

Equipped with a 1920 x 1080 LCD panel, able to receive and display 1080 progressive signals from any HDTV source including a set top box, HD camcorder, HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc player. 


WiFi ready models are ready to seamlessly connect your TV to your local network and Internet.

Dolby® Digital

Integrated DolbyDigital decoders enable 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 or greater, sound to deliver a full sound experience. 

Smart Volume

Proprietary technology built into the TV sound processing algorithims maintain a more constant sound level between programs and when commercials are viewed. 


Digital audio/video inputs enable quality playback and avoid signal loss transmission between source and TV set. 


USB port enables you to plug in a USB stick and choose from JPEG photo playback or play stored mp3 music. 

Energy Star

The EPA's Energy Star Label certifies ecologically oriented products that meet the government standards for low power consumption both in use and in stand-by mode. It assures that the owner will experience lower power costs compared to use of comparable screen sized non-Energy Star approved units. 

Energy Savings

Design & settings are optimized to reduce power consumption during use and in standby mode.